Training the heart: Lessons online

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Do you find traditional madrassas too austere? Do you want your children to love being Muslim but also feel comfortable being British and living in a secular country? This is the rationale for Tazkiyah Academy.

Children need to be taught according to the context in which they live. If they are not there can be either psychological damage and the development of an almost dual personality or there can be a refusal to listen to the Islamic content. As parents it is our duty to raise our children as Muslims. This does not mean sending them to as many lessons as possible which have very unbending content. We must nurture our children. That means watch them as they grow and feed their spirit according to their need.

Tazkiyah Academy is a new style of online Islamic school designed to help nurture a deep understanding of being Muslim and develop a sincere love of Islam.

The curriculum is based primarily on the beautiful works developed by Al Ghazali Children. These publications are based on the collection of 40 works in the Ihya Ulum Uddeen of Imam al Ghazali (RA); The Proof of Islam.

Each lesson has been refined and developed for specific year groups.

We have selected excellent teachers from Turkey, who are fluent in English and have a deep and spiritual understanding of Islam. The reason we have sourced teachers from Turkey is because Turkey is a secular country which develops spiritual Islam comfortably in it’s children. As such, our teachers have been nurtured rather than instructed in their Islam and that will be their method as well.

We are soon to embark upon our pilot stage in January 2022. This will include:

Year 1: two 30 minute lessons per week. (72 lessons per year)

Age 12-14: One hour lesson per week (36 lessons per week)

This will develop over the coming years to include all primary years 1-6, year 7 and year 8-9.

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